Pointe's Pantry Grosse Pointe Home Meal Delivery

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About Us

We help the Grosse Pointe community find an easier and healthier way to get around the dining table and enjoy dinner as a family again.

Our Story.

Pointe’s Pantry launched in the fall of 2017

Pointe's Pantry Grosse Pointe Home Meal Delivery

Too often parents find themselves getting stuck in the habit of eating out, or making multiple meals in a single night, just to make everyone happy. This is not fun, and certainly isn’t always healthy. By providing fully cooked, nutritious options that are ready to eat, Pointe’s Pantry gives our customers back their time and their sanity.

A few words about us

Committed to helping you maintain a balanced life

We strive to be a friend to each of our customers and a part of what helps to make your daily lives easier.

We truly believe that food brings people together and that connecting with others is so important for our total well-being. With this in mind, we’ve created a wholesome solution for our community, providing an easy way to sit down together and share time.

Family Owned and Operated

We know the importance of quick, healthy meals for growing families because we are one ourselves

Our Food Philosophy

Simply put – all things in moderation. We offer meals that help you keep up with your busy lifestyle, providing the fuel you need to get through the day, and the comfort you want to enjoy it.

Our Core Values

Simple food, made fresh with ingredients found locally. We only serve you food that we ourselves would eat – organically grown, free of additives and hormones.

Get to Know the Chef

My love of cooking started very early in life. I now have over 25 years of cooking experience; 10+ post culinary school.

Having originally graduated college and taken an office job, I found myself feeling unfulfilled and simply surviving each work day.

After my first child was born, I opted to go to culinary school after work at night for fun, to escape the stress of office life.

As our family grew, I entertained and cooked for friends and family as often as I could. However, once our children started to get older, I took on the identity of a full time working mother and family dinners just weren’t happening in our house. We found that each of us were on different schedules with kids’ activities, my husband and I trying to get to the gym everyday after work, and our attempts at spending time with friends and relatives.

I was raised in a household where dinners around the table were rarely missed, so I found myself feeling incredibly sad and guilty that I wasn’t able to make it work for my own family. I began spending every weekend prepping homemade, healthy dinners that were fully cooked and ready to reheat on any given day so that we couldn’t find an excuse to skip family dinner. 

The only problem was that my weekends were then monopolized by food prep. After carrying on like this for several years, my close friends offered to pay me to prep their meals too. Of course I laughed it off, but after another few years of continued requests, my husband encouraged me to give it a shot… and Pointe’s Pantry was born.

Annie Moreland Pointe's Pantry - Our Story

Annie Moreland

Founder / Chef

Pointe's Pantry Grosse Pointe Home Meal Delivery

Grosse Pointe native and lover of all things healthy and fattening. There is a fine line I like to walk between indulgence and deprivation.


Pointe's Pantry Grosse Pointe Home Meal Delivery

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